Easy ways to boil eggs

Some say that a hard-boiled egg is neither hard nor boiled, but we disagree. You need to maintain a gentle boil to ensure that the water you’re cooking in is the proper temperature (212° Fahrenheit). And while our ten-minute eggs aren’t “hard” per se—we like a touch of creaminess at the very center—they’re firm enough […]

What you want to eat on weekends?

We love asking you what you’re cooking and we never tire of reading your responses. Many of you are grilling for Memorial Day weekend, and not just burgers and ‘dogs — over on Facebook you’re talking about hickory grilled spareribs, whole butterflied chicken injected with jalapeno butter,bacon-wrapped shrimp, sweet potatoes, grilled pizza, Coca-Cola baby back ribs, corn on the cob,peaches and pineapple (served with ice […]